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[cdt-l] CDT with horse ?

Maybe he is referring to the Backcountry Horseman?  This is a group of horse people who volunteer to maintain trails.  They would be a good source.

Yikes about the mud!!  We have a particularly nasty variety called caliche that is extremely heavy and sticky in some areas.  I imagine you might run into it in the Chama area.  Cars can't get through it, and it broke the gears on my mountain bike one time.  But, it depends on the soil type.


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>There are a lot of equestrian enthusiasts in NM and
>Colorado, and I'm sure they'd be a great resource. 
>You might try contacting or joining some of their
>clubs/organizations.  I know there's a huge one in
>Alberquerque called the NM horse-packers assn. or
>something like that - try searching the www???

>I wouldn't worry too much about mud either, most of
>the mud in NM is rather sandy & should present no
>problem to a horse.