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[cdt-l] Map and Guidebook Questions.......


A few quick questions.

I was going to hold off until early next year before I purchase my maps and 
guidebooks in hopes of any updates, but was wondering, does anyone know if 
these are planned for the near future?  

Also is there a overview map of the total trail such as the NPS puts out for 
the AT or the PCTA puts out for the PCT?

I'm still not exactly which direction I plan on hiking next year and very 
well may wait until the last moment for snowpack considerations.  In order to 
save myself some of the logistical nightmares the CDT poses, I'll most likely 
buy most of my food enroute and mail ahead to places deemed neccesary.   

What are the tradition start dates, heading south?  Heading north?  Either 
way, I'm prepared to flip flop, depending on trail condidtions.  Are all the 
guidebooks written in a north to south fashion?

TIA,  Sly

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