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[cdt-l] Overland Trail No 36

A question for Jim Wolf,  Cdtsociety...

Jim,  might as well pose this on the list, rather than privately, in case
someone else has interest.  You're the man when it comes to history along
the CDT, so...

In your S. Montana/Idaho guidebook,  Big Hole Segment, Section 3, a jeep
road "Overland Trail No. 36" is encountered at 10.1 and at 17.4.   We passed
"The Overland Trail" in central WY, involving pioneer migration, but could
there possibly be a relationship to this road?  I don't see a reference to
it in the history section in the back of your guide.  Are you aware of any
historical significance to this "Overland Trail No. 36" or why the name?

An order for the latest supplement for this guide is in the mail to you. I
look forward to getting it.