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[cdt-l] part hike CDT

Hi guys,

I will do part of the CDT this summer. As I have only 16 days and need easy trail head access with Greyhounds, I chose the part between Monarch Pass and Frisco northbound (around 150 miles).

appreciate all information about the following topics:

1. accessability of trailheads from denver (according to greyhound.com, it is possible)
2. how visible is trail there (is compass definitely needed) ?
3. necessary guides (have the official guide for Colorado CDT which is southbound unfortunately),are maps in there sufficient ??
4. what about bears (does hanging work, or are bear cans needed ?)
5. what's the earliest time to start in order to avoid snow packs (I am planning for end of June)
6. general climate
7. places to resupply
8. necessary backcountry permits, if any !!! 

Thx a lot