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[cdt-l] 3 weeks

I was in the process of recommending 3 possibilities when Ginny's email came through. Pretty much the same recommendations:

1) Southern Colorado from Cumbres Pass to Cochetopa Pass (200+ miles or continue on if you want more mileage).  Great scenery all the way, though August can be a very wet month in San Juans.

2) Canada south to Benchmark (or onto Rogers Pass)  You can apply for an advanced reservation in Glacier starting on April 15th. Make sure you send in your request on April 15th to have a chance of getting the campsites you want. One site (Fifty Mountain) can not
be reserved before August 1st.

3) Wind Rivers (and onto Yellowstone). To avoid permit hassles, it might be worth making an advnaced reservation for Yellowstone and heading south.


sonofswin wrote:

> Here's a question for y'all;
> If you had about 3 weeks to hike a section of the CDT - What section would you hike?
> Figure around the first 3 weeks in August (this year).  I'm looking for ideas as I'm in the initial stages of planning a 3 to 4 week trip.  If you could include a brief explanation and perhaps recommend a guide book for the section (or in general) it would help.
> Any and all ideas welcome and appreciated,
> Sonofswin - (up to now, a lurker in the shadows)
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