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[cdt-l] 3 weeks


You can loop through the Cirque of the Towers from Big Sandy Lake after
crossing Temple Pass.  The cirque is certainaly worth seeing.  You can also
continue N from the Cirque along the E side of the Divide and cross back
over to the W at either Wasushakie passe or the one N of there above Grave
Lake, if my memory is correct, at the Reservation Boundry.  This whole
section along the E side of the Divide is nice.

Temple Pass is on the W side of the Divide.  The walk from the Sweetwater
Guard Station over Sweetwater Gap to the Cirque of the Towers is also very
nice and passes numerous lakes.  This is on the E side of the Divide.

>From the Sweetwater Guard Station to the Green River Lakes and return is
also possible without excessive retracing of steps.

A number of years ago, there was a shuttle service operating in Pinedale.
Check with the wilderness outfitter in Pinedale.


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> 4.  Wyoming - South Pass north (but go through the Southern Winds either
> over Temple Pass (Jim Wolf's route) or through the Cirque of the Towers,
> the roadwalk around)
The other two have some rather obscure route finding - but
> beautiful country. I know Montana has some bus service - the rest might be
> problem getting transportation.  All are worth doing.
> Ginny
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> >Here's a question for y'all;
> >
> >If you had about 3 weeks to hike a section of the CDT - What section
> >you hike?
> >
> >Figure around the first 3 weeks in August (this year).  I'm looking for
> >ideas as I'm in the initial stages of planning a 3 to 4 week trip.  If
> >could include a brief explanation and perhaps recommend a guide book for
> >the section (or in general) it would help.
> >
> >Any and all ideas welcome and appreciated,
> >
> >Sonofswin - (up to now, a lurker in the shadows)
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