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[cdt-l] Replies to the list or to the sender?

Hello All -

My preference would also be "Reply to list".

I like to see "Reply to sender" when there is already enough list 
traffic for it to start becoming a problem and the temptation is to 
cut down on all messages that probably aren't of interest to at least 
a large group of subscribers.

I like to see "Reply to list" when we have plenty of spare bandwidth 
to play with (like on CDT-L) and/or we are trying to encourage 
interesting traffic.  Quite often I don't even know that I am 
interested in a particular subject until I look over someone's 
shoulder while they are having a "private" exchange of messages on 
the list.

I use a kinda old version of "Eudora Pro" as my mailer SW and am 
surprised that it doesn't give me the choice of doing either kind of 
reply (no matter which way the list SW is set).  AFAIK, there should 
always be enough info in each message header to allow my mailer SW to 
figure out how to do either kind of "Reply to".

Do any of the other mailers allow the user to make this choice?

- Charlie