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[cdt-l] synthetic versus down bags ...

>### OK, Ginny, how was the .... 'sleep time' moisture? As a long-confirmed
>synthetic insulation guy (who's never spent the night out west of the
>Mississippi), I'm thinking the CDT'd be the place for a nice down bag. Is
>it dry enough even for us weather-paranoids? Do you think your year had
>typical weather?

Down is fine for most of the CDT.  June in northern Montana was wet, but not 
AT wet. It would rain, snow, hail and be sunny, all at the same time. Much 
of the CDT is high desert - sage country.  We had a few all day wet days, 
but not many, and a few thunderstorms, but not many.  Sept. and Oct we had 
several snowstorms, but our bags stayed dry.  On the other hand, when we 
hiked in Colorado in August (1997) we had rain almost every day, and some 
all day rains, not just afternoon thunderstorms.  So, depends on when you're 
there and where.

So -- when are you going?
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