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[cdt-l] synthetic versus down bags ...

> On the other hand, when we
> hiked in Colorado in August (1997) we had rain almost every day, and some
> all day rains, not just afternoon thunderstorms.  So, depends on when you're
> there and where.

That's right.  Both New Mexico and Colorado have daily thunderstorms and
rain in August.  Usually they only last a short time in the afternoon. 
However, there are exceptions.  One summer when my husband and I were
backpacking on the CDT in the Wiminuche Wilderness we had rain all day
every day for about a week.  At one point it rained for three days
straight without even a five minute break in the rain.  All the streams
were flooded.  No one could get in or out of the high country.  We
didn't see a single person for seven days.  All our gear was soaked,
including our down bags from all the condensation inside the tent.  We
were wet and cold at night.  We wore our long underwear, zipped our bags
together, and slept with the dog inside our bags.  An entire section of
the trail was impassable because of a landslide.  Apparently, there had
been a hurricane in Baja California whose effects reached as far inland
as the Rockies. It was very unusual weather in our experience for the
CDT in Colorado, but we've been very reluctant to carry down bags
backpacking since then.  

Also, yes, I have been warmer snow camping in the Sierras in the winter
than backpacking in the Wiminuche on the CDT in the middle of summer. 
On the trip above, we had snow on our last day at the end of August.   

CDT Section Hiker
Former resident of New Mexico
Currently residing in California