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[cdt-l] re: guides

In a message dated 12/3/01 7:32:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
white_root@yahoo.com writes:

 From a thru-hiker standpoint one would do well to
 follow the routes advocated by CDTS. From cruising the
 back roads in his cadillac to hard nose trail
 investigation, Jim Wolf has been there and keeps going
 back for more. >>

Thanks for the comments, David.  But it was a T-bird, and I have traded it in 
for a Taurus.  

Incidentally, the Forum link on our home page isn't working. The problem is 
something technical with GORP, and they don't know exactly when it will be 
fixed. Sorry about that. 

The southern New Mexico guidebook is still in process -- we're shooting for 
some time in January and will post a notice of availability to the list.