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[cdt-l] re: guides

Hey Jim,

Thanks for your comments. REgarding Pat Harris almost
not getting out from Tierra Comun...it helps to fill
up your gas tank before setting off for the middle of
nowhere. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 

I was on the initial run out there. Admittedly the
road is poor and when Pat dropped us off 2 miles shy
of the border I had a feeling he would never go back
there. As far as access, the route CDTS advocates is
superior. And I have to admit, I like Poncha Villa SP.

One thing thru-hikers dont' realize is that their
"business" on the western trails is miniscule. It's
just not like the AT where an entire culture and
steady stream of consumers have given rise to hiker
oriented services. 

>From a thru-hiker standpoint one would do well to
follow the routes advocated by CDTS. From cruising the
back roads in his cadillac to hard nose trail
investigation, Jim Wolf has been there and keeps going
back for more. He is a wealth of information and from
what I can tell always has time to lend an ear as well
as part with some wisdom on thru-hiking the CDT. 



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