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[CDT-L] Bridger-Teton NF DEIS

Hello All,

The Bridger-Teton National Forest came out with the draft EIS for oil and
gas leasing in areas that the CDT passes through between the Wind Rivers and
Twogotee Pass. The preferred alternative (Alternative 4) proposes to make
four management areas unavailable for oil and gas leasing. Text of the DEIS
can be found here:


A map showing the management areas in relation to existing Wilderness areas:


Public comments will be accepted through the 60-day review period, which
will begin when the Notice of Availability is published in the Federal
Register.  The Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision
are expected by March 2001.

Three public meetings will be held in January to explain the alternatives
and to solicit comment. It is not necessary to attend the public meetings in
order to provide comments.  Written comments will be will be accepted until
February, 2001 at Bridger-Teton National Forest Service offices, or they can
be mailed to:  The Bridger-Teton National Forest Attn; Oil & Gas DEIS, P.O.
Box 1888, Jackson, Wyoming 83001.

Check out some of the documents and send in a letter with your comments to
support the decision!

Mark Dixon

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