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[CDT-L] Calendar Triple Crown

Hi all,

Although some say it will Never B done, the hour approaches when I leave for
the start of my Calendar Triple Crown attempt.  Yes, that's the AT, PCT and
CDT in one calendar year.  I'm signing off these lists today and will not
have email access until after I'm done; successfully I hope.  There's a
couple weeks left before I begin at Springer Mountain on 01/01/01, a nice
sounding starting date if there ever was one.  Between now and then I'll be
busy with last minute preparations.

For those interested in following my progress, the web page to bookmark is:
There's very little content now, but that will change over time.

It's been a pleasure participating on these lists over the years.  I look
forward to sharing with all of you the trials and tribulations when I

Brian Robinson, "Never B"

I'll never be your beast of burden.
I've walked for miles and my feet are hurtin'.
I'm Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never, Never B.   
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