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Re: [CDT-L] A little confused.

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000 21:39:49 -0800 (PST) Mark Dixon <mkdixon1@excite.com>
> Without "precarious situations" the adventure of a long distance  hike
> be eliminated or at least greatly diminished. After all, isn't the 
> why we're all out there anyway? 

Mark - 
You'd better define what you mean by "adventure".  I've generally used
Bilbo's definition that  "adventure is a dirty, nasty thing that makes
you late for dinner".  There's still plenty of adventure and "precarious"
situations on the CDT without adding manmade obstacles - like bad trail
design.  Ginny nearly died twice out there - but then, we didn't tell you
about the first one, did we?  

> Contrary to what Karen may have said, there
> are other water sources in the vicinity of Jack Fairs place.

Yeah - I know that.   But there aren't any other shuttles to Antelope
Wells - and damn little traffic on that road.  If Pat sells his business,
how many days would you like to wait while you're hitching to the border
(or back to Hachita)?   I may be exxaggerating a little  -- or am I?   

Or maybe you'd rather walk both ways and make it a 90 mile road walk
rather than 45? 

And when you get to Antelope Wells, do you really want to walk the fence
for 12 miles?  I don't enjoy playing with the Border Patrol - or with the
coyotes.  That's not what I'm out there for.  

I'm not necessarily advocating Columbus - but I think there should be
some honesty - and hard facts - about the situation at both terminii
(Columbus/Palomas and Antelope Wells).  And I haven't seen that yet -
from anyone.  

I think for most people Columbus/Palomas is a better starting/finishing
place.  If I can find some time, I'll tell you about the problems with
that route.  

Walk softly,
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