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[CDT-L] [cdt-l] birds in cages

>I just want to say, it's possible. But to live  outside the >cage, you just go 
>there and refuse to go back in. 

Exactly!  When someone asks "What do you do for a living"..how many of our fellow Americans say "Doctor" or "Engineer" or "Carpenter"?  My identity is "hiking bum".  I am giving up the supposed security of a steady job for contract work. The freedom of being able to work when I choose to work outweighs lack of a secure job. My emlpoyment is to save money for the next big trip. Sure, I have to make "sacrifices". I drive an older car, will probably not own a house, take-out Chinese is the extent of eating out. But what is the bigger sacrifice? Missing out on a few meaningless baubles that modern society decrees is neccessary? Or sacrificing my dreams so I can fit into the mold that society says is proper?

I am fortunate that I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman who shares the same philosophy and dreams that I do. Work for the both of us is a means to an end. Work is not our life, but a way to pursue what we truly enjoy doing.  She is leaving her "good job" with "good benifits" to hike the Appalachian Trail.  Probably the best thing she has ever decided to do.
And we are both looking forward to next year when I quit my "good job" and she quits another "good job" so we can both do another foolish hike. :D

To heck with the path that is normal...I'd rather forge my own path.

Think many of us on this list can relate.

Magaroni...but the paychecks say Paul A. Magnanti (WHAT DO THEY KNOW!!! :D)
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