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[CDT-L] [cdt-l] request help re: choosing tent

I figure this is the list to go to -- After years of faithful service, my two 
trusty Northface tadpoles have bitten the dust. Need to replace them and am 
seeking advice. 

We liked the Tadpoles because they are freestanding -- We like to be able to 
pitch ANYWHERE -- even a gravel road bed or a rocky flat spot up high. So 
we've always chosen freestnading tents. Is this assumption valid? Had anyone 
out there used NON-freestanding tents with no problem even in ridiculous 
circumstances (camping on a pile of rocks up high where the winds are 

SO: we're looking for a freestanding tent, under 5 pounds -- is there such a 
thing anymore??? The old Tadpoles were advertised at under five pounds -- 
don't know if that was actually accurate becasue sometimes they don't count 
certain things (like tent stakes!) when they put down the weight. 

I've been all over the web looking for a replacement -- I'd think that 12 
years later, they'd have come up with something lighter and sturdier, but 
everything I'm seeing is heavier and not as sturdy!!! 

Also re: single wall tents: Condensation is a problem with the older ones I 
used -- anyone use newer models that work better in three season conditions?  
Or would the ideal plan be to have a single-wall freestanding tent for alpine 
and a Clip Flashlight for 
AT type hiking and a tarp for out west deserts?  

Any ideas?


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