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[CDT-L] Maps

David Patterson wrote:
>>One major error that does come to mind is in the Beaverhead District. The 
Ranger, Bob Hutton, at the Wisdom FS office showed me where the trail really 
is on the map (it's incorrectly depicted on the map). Not that big a deal, 
but a big deal if you don't want to fool around trying to figure out where 
you went wrong in relation to the map.<<

Great comment!  On my first short section hike of the CDT in 1998 I hiked
the Anaconda Pitler Wilderness to the Lost Trail Pass (is that the correct
name?  Pretty appropriate name, I think).  After about 4 days of nice,
clearly marked trail I encountered poorly marked unpaved roads, new CDT
trail tread (poorly signed) and the ultimate CDT experience: finding a new
trail coming to an abrupt end at a juction with an unmarked road.  It's
funny how the map and compass become your friends at such a time!  I'm sure
there are other places along the CDT where this happens.   Many CDT hikers
have commented to me that many rest stops are spent reviewing maps.  It's
part of the allure of the CDT, and IMHO what makes the CDT unique and

Last year I was flying home to Portland from Cleveland, and the plane flew
right over this place in the Beaverhead NF.  Seeing the big picture from the
air was pretty interesting.  On the ground I was never really lost, just
temporarily inconvenienced.

Roger Carpenter
P.O. Box 651 
Vancouver, WA  98666
(360) 696-1746

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