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[CDT-L] Plug for books

I don't usually do this, but I've some online hiker friends (never meet
them in person) who have a hiker cookbook published by Falcon. Title is
Lipsmackin Backpakcin, recipes compiled from hikers all over. A
percentage of profits goto the PCTA. If you're interested, info at  
http://home.fuse.net/conners/trailstories.html They are having a signing,
in Denver, in May, at a REI store.

The Conners (authors) are starting a second book,  Short Stories From
Long Trails. This is your chance to get your trail journal published, at
NO cost to you. You might get a free copy when its published, if your
story is in it, have to ask Conners about.

Info is at the same URL as above. The Conners will donate some profits to
another trail, when book is published. I posted this here, as have seen
other trail type books mentioned. I've no stake in either book, well, 
that's not quite true, do have recipe in cookbook.
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