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Re: [CDT-L] Motorized use and official routes (fwd)

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miller@hep.Stanford.EDU writes:

 The National Trail Systems act does prohibit motorized vehicles on
 National Scenic trails, giving exception to owners of privately held land
 over which the trail crosses by cooperative agreement.
 (see one text copy I found of the act:)

--  That is not quite right. There is a general prohibition of motorized 
vehicles by the general public on national scenic trails. But it goes on to 
say that "... Other uses along the historic trails and the Continental Divide 
National Scenic Trail, which will not substantially interfere with the nature 
and purposes of the traiil, and which, at the time of designation, are 
allowed by administrative regulations, INCLUDING THE USE OF MOTORIZED 
VEHICLES, shall be permitted by the Secretary charged with the administration 
of the trail."  Moreover, the section that designated the CDNST states that 
"Notwithstanding the provisions of section 7(c) [quoted above], THE USE OF 
MOTORIZED VEHICLES on roads which weill be deisnated segments of the 
Continental Divide National Scenic Trail shall be permitted in accordance 
with regulations perescribed by the appropriate Secretary."
 I wish I knew more about exactly what the Federal involvement is in
 establishment/construction/maintenance of the Trails; it seems to be
 minimal in that most progress seems to come from the dedication and
 volunteerism of individuals, some of whom are on this list.

  >>-- For a detailed history of Federal involvement, the best source is a 
set of the back issues of DIVIDEnds, available from the Society.

Jim Wolf
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