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Re: [CDT-L] one trail or routes

>In order for a trail to be a trail, it should begin and end

True, but what we're talking about currently is a route, not a trail.

A single route is inevitable because agencies charged with
>designating the trail have to draw a line on a map somewhere.

Wrong! If you call the Carson NF you'll find a different answer. Though they 
may be "charged" with designating a route, I guarantee you that they don't 
want a trail in there. Why? Traditional use conflicts and distrust and ill 
will towards the Government. In fact, the District Ranger informed me 
there'd be no trail if it's up to him.

>I think you're
>way behind the curve if you think that the agencies should stop the process
>of designating an official route for the trail.

Oh really, have you even hiked the CDT? I did not recommend agencies 
terminate construction or designation. Sometimes projects, especially ones 
the magnitude of the CDT, move at a snails pace. Do you think building or 
designating a trail at any cost under a time frame is exactly the best 
method simply to claim it exists?

(please stop infering things that weren't said or expressed on this issue 
and the "hike your own hike" business.)

As always, everybody is free
>to walk whatever route they choose and call it the "CDT".

That's what I advocate, freedom.

>I think McKaye did envision a single footpath along the crest of the
>Appalachian Mountains, didn't he? I though that was the whole idea.

Sure that was his vision, but did he envision thousands of people "loving it 
to death"? Hell, the typical AT hiker doesn't even walk 75% of the trail 
anymore, and most probably not even that much.

>10-15,000 thru hikers starting this spring?, Geeze! I thought I'd heard the
>number starting on a normal year was about 3,000 or is that a really old

Yes, typically starting numbers are in the 3-4 K range. However, an 
unusually high number of hikers are predicted to start the trail this 
year...Y2K! These are not my figures; I just heard them through the 

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