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Re: [CDT-L] one trail or routes

Conceptually I believe the "CDNST" should have a specific route. That is not
to say that there cannot be official or unofficial side routes or alternate
routes. In order for a trail to be a trail, it should begin and end
somewhere. A single route is inevitable because agencies charged with
designating the trail have to draw a line on a map somewhere. I think you're
way behind the curve if you think that the agencies should stop the process
of designating an official route for the trail. As always, everybody is free
to walk whatever route they choose and call it the "CDT".

I think McKaye did envision a single footpath along the crest of the
Appalachian Mountains, didn't he? I though that was the whole idea.
10-15,000 thru hikers starting this spring?, Geeze! I thought I'd heard the
number starting on a normal year was about 3,000 or is that a really old

Mark Dixon

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