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Re: [at-l] Re: Hurricane and Tornado


I read their Shelter entry at DeerPark shelter just a few miles south of Hot
Springs.  They were full of happiness regarding their hike and had had some of
their family join them for a few miles (around Max Patch I think).  They said
that this was their first real hike and that while they loved it, they would
think twice next time.  They had been hiking around a month I think.  It was a
nice long, "Christian" entry.  I also read Wingnut's entries.  He was the one who
died at one of the shelters.  His bandana was supposed to be on it's way north.
Any word on that anyone?


BamaHerb@aol.com wrote:

> Hi, gang. Toward the end of June I hiked the roughly 50 miles from Wayah Gap
> to Fontana Dam. Along the way we met up with a young couple from Orlando who
> were hiking from Springer through to Hot Springs. Their trail names were
> Hurricane and Tornado. She was a school teacher. The last time we saw them
> was a few miles south of Fontana and he was having knee problems. Just
> wondered what became of them.

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