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[at-l] Re: Hurricane and Tornado

Hi, gang. Toward the end of June I hiked the roughly 50 miles from Wayah Gap 
to Fontana Dam. Along the way we met up with a young couple from Orlando who 
were hiking from Springer through to Hot Springs. Their trail names were 
Hurricane and Tornado. She was a school teacher. The last time we saw them 
was a few miles south of Fontana and he was having knee problems. Just 
wondered what became of them.
On another subject, last weekend my son and I got in one last hike before the 
start of school and we hiked the 20 miles from Unicoi gap to Neels gap. Nice 
weather. Dry, but we did not run out of water. Fantastic view from Cowrock 
mountain. This leaves us a gap of around 62 miles to do between Wayah gap and 
Unicoi gap. I was wondering whether it would be better to do this section 
North to South or vice versa.
Mike "Herb" McNair
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