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[at-l] High Point, NJ on holiday weekend (?)

Hi folks.  I have some logistical questions that could probably be best
answered by a NY/NJ guidebook.  But I can't find one of those in town, so I
though I would plea for info from the list and promise to buy a guidebook the
next chance I get.

Most of the questions involve High Point State Park.  If someone has the phone
number to the park office, I could ask the "officials" directly.  Otherwise:
 * Can I park a vehicle in the park for 2-3 days?
 * Where should I park and is there a charge?
 * Should I expect huge crowds at the AT shelters over the upcoming holiday
   weekend?  (I'll bring a tent; I just don't want a mob scene.)
 * Are there any logistical changes (closed shelters, no water, that sort of
   thing) since 1997?

My other less important question is:
 * I know it's less than 10 miles from NJ 23 to Vernie swamp, but can   
somebody give me an exact mileage?

Thanks in advance.
Dan "Focus" Grossman

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