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[at-l] October trip planning

Well, college children and football each have ways of changing one's plans. 
I had hoped to skip the Clemson opener against Marshall, and go hiking 
between Woody Gap and Dick's Creek Gap over the Labor Day weekend. FSU and 
Clemson 10/23 was not to be missed, as it is the fabled Father v. Son 
football battle (as a psychiatrist, I can assure you it is significant).

But my 21 yo daughter blinked her blue and teary eyes to learn that I would 
not be coming to Charlottesville for her last Parent's Day festivities (as 
if she wanted us there before). Hence, I missed Clemson/UGA for my mother's 
75th birthday, and I'll miss the first Bowden/Bowden battle this year, in a 
lame attempt to be a good daddy.

I'm attempting to find a way to salvage something of benefit from this 
change of plans. Currently, I'm considering flying into Dulles (the 
previous Saturday 10/16), getting a ride to a reasonable trailhead and 
walking down to Waynesboro, VA, where we plan to stay for Parent's Day. I 
would like suggestions about where I should start (assuming leisurely 10 
mile 5-6 hour days and moderate fall weather). I understand the terrain is 
not as challenging as North Ga, but that Skyline Drive can be quite 

Any ideas from the list?

Atlanta, GA
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