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Re: [at-l] October trip planning

In a message dated 8/26/99 8:17:31 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
thornel@ibm.net writes:

<<  Currently, I'm considering flying into Dulles (the 
 previous Saturday 10/16), getting a ride to a reasonable trailhead and 
 walking down to Waynesboro, VA, where we plan to stay for Parent's Day. I 
 would like suggestions about where I should start (assuming leisurely 10 
 mile 5-6 hour days and moderate fall weather). I understand the terrain is 
 not as challenging as North Ga, but that Skyline Drive can be quite 
 challenging. >>

I think you'll find hiking the AT through the Shenandoahs a little sterile 
and much easier than Georgia.  A much more scenic (and somewhat strenuous) 
hike would be doing the AT north into Waynesboro from Rt. 60 (approximately 
53 miles).   Along this section of trail you'll pass over Cold Mountain 
(actually Cole, a fantastic bald), Tar Jacket Ridge, do a short side trail to 
Spy Rock, The Priest (don't forget the overlook) down to  the Tye river to 
climb Three Ridges, then it's all downhill into Waynesboro!  It's a great 
section of Trail.

Hope that helps,  Sly
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