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RE: [at-l] My Year 2000 Springer Pack List

Comments on Datto's pack changes:

I missed your initial total weight so keep this in mind when reading my

> Pee Bottle (odd section shape or size so can find
> by feel in the middle of the night)

Leave it, get used to doing this before you go to bed. I can only remember
once in twenty years of hiking when I HAD to go in the night, so I got up
and went. Not worth the weight...

> Weather-resistent radio (vs the one I have
> included already)

Leave it. Learn to read the weather...

> Use mesh hang bag in lieu of pretzel cans for
> food container

Good idea, definitely lighter...

> Buy a Nomad Long, drop the Eureka Gossamer

This really depends on your style, if you plan on tenting a lot, I think I
would carry MORE tent not less, I like the Slickrock, at 4 lbs, it makes a
great one man tent. If you plan on mostly staying in shelters, forget the
tent entirely and use that Mylar sheet you mention later...

> Drop Z-Rest seat, use the mylar blanket if needed

Use the sheet...

> Drop the piece of foam rubber pillow, get used to
> using the Puffball jacket as the only pillow

If you MUST have a pillow consider one of the inflatable ones, the Puffball
jacket will not be with you for very long, and I personally hate stuffing
clothes into my stuff sack...

> Return to an Esbit stove, drop Whisperlight (I
> don't have a crew back home so fuel might be a
> problem for me, plus the Esbit hasn't really
> worked well for me in the wind of early Spring
> but I'm still considering it)

Fuel for the Whisperlight is available practically everywhere along the
trail, of course it is heavier than the Esbit, your choice of course...

> Use Polarpure or Safewater In-line filter instead
> of Pur Voyager

I haven't found that the in-lines are much use on extended trips. They are
great for day trippers though. I ALWAYS carry chemical purification, even if
I am carrying my MSR. I earned a very strange look and comment from a Ranger
in the Smokies when he observed me dumping Polar Pure tabs into already
FILTERED water, I just pointed to the outhouse which was located about sixty
feet directly above the water source...

> Reduce the amount of food

I have found that I almost ALWAYS carry too much food...

> The nylon pants and fleece pullover will be worn
> on April 1st so leave that weight out of pack
> weight

Although it does still get cold after April 1 (we had an ice storm at
Springer on March 31 this year), I never wore any of my cold weather gear
except my thermals after the first day, and mailed it all back from

Wish I were going...

Lee I Joe

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