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[at-l] My Year 2000 Springer Pack List

Items included but inadvertently not listed:

Wingfoot's book pages
AT Maps

Possible additions I'm considering:

Pee Bottle (odd section shape or size so can find
by feel in the middle of the night)

Compeed Small

Weather-resistent radio (vs the one I have
included already)

Possible deletions/adjustments I'm considering
(received from others or some I've already been

Use mesh hang bag in lieu of pretzel cans for
food container

Buy a Nomad Long, drop the Eureka Gossamer

Drop coin purse (Ha, yeah, I know)

Put butter buds, gold bond, jalapeno, cortizone,
vitamins and ibuprofin in lighter containers

Drop Z-Rest seat, use the mylar blanket if needed

Drop the piece of foam rubber pillow, get used to
using the Puffball jacket as the only pillow

Return to an Esbit stove, drop Whisperlight (I
don't have a crew back home so fuel might be a
problem for me, plus the Esbit hasn't really
worked well for me in the wind of early Spring
but I'm still considering it)

Use Polarpure or Safewater In-line filter instead
of Pur Voyager

Use a ZRest 3/4 or a Ridgerest 3/4 instead of
Thermarest Ultralight 3/4 (something I haven't
yet been able to get used to but am still

Reduce the amount of food

The nylon pants and fleece pullover will be worn
on April 1st so leave that weight out of pack

Drop the MSmith belt pouch, put the contents in
top of pack

Drop the MSmith Sidekick pouch, put Platypus
Hoser on side of pack


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