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OK gang....I pulled a bonehead move by inserting a joke from "A Groaner a Day"
onto the bottom of a post.  I didn't think twice about it.  And if I had, I 
still would
not have made the connection because I have been trying to tune out the 
news for weeks.  I did not know that a postal worker had been killed in LA 
someone clued me in.  Things around here have been pretty shitty lately and I
just decided not to intake anymore tragedy.....so I have tuned out the news.

If I had known that a postal worker had been killed, I would NOT have 
posted it.

As to insulting postal workers in general.....I have told jokes about 
Drs.  (sorry
OB),  librarians (sorry Earthworm), accountants (sorry Solar), and lordy....
the jokes I've told about lawyers (sorry Pooh and Paddy and all the rest of
the lawyers out there).

That does not mean that I tell jokes about gays or lesbians or people of other
races, or ancestry.....so I have nothing to apologize to those folks for.

What I'm really sorry for is having upset fellow listers and incited
trouble here on the list.  My attempt to liven up a boring Tuesday
has gone waaaay awry.   Please gang....drop it.
Put my stupidity back where we keep cellphones and umbrellas.
If you feel the need to vent, do it to me in private.  There are so many
places where the weightier issues of life can be discussed and argued.
There are so few places, like AT-L where they are kept at bay.

I am really really sorry I brought discord here.  I think you all know
that was not my intent.  So put it to rest and I will burn the rest of
the "Groaner a Day" jokes.

Except for this one:
Q.) What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?
A.) Anyone can roast beef.              k.
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