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RE: [at-l] Danger

There have been many women who have hiked the AT by their selves. Of course,
during season, it is almost impossible to be truly "by yourself" on the AT.
Which is why I prefer to hike it in the off season...

Lee I Joe

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> > > a woman to hike the trail by herself?  My parents are starting to
> > get on
> > > my case about hiking it next year by myself.  I would appreciate
>  Fear often comes out of lack of knowlege.  The solution is
> to educate!
> One book that made my family feel better about the whole thing was
> _Appalachian Adventure_. This book shows how the trail is
> truly eveyone's
> trail. Everyone from college students to families to senior citizens
> enjoying what is a crown jewel in America's outdoor
> experiences.   When
> my family realised how many people, from all l walks of life, used the
> trail..they felt much better.
>     The various online journals also might help your parents
> feel better
> about your trip. When they read about someone about your age and with
> your background, some of their fears may be lessened.
>          Finally,. more than one set of parents has attended the ALDHA
> Gathering with their child. Meeting people who actually hike tends to
> make families feel that much better.
>    As a side note...you can try my method: inherit a strong stubborn
> streak  , and do it anyways. ;-)
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