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Re: RE: [at-l] vermin in the night

Whipperwills don't really bug me either. On a recent hike from Front 
Royal to Harper Ferry one night we camped at a little store on US 50 and 
our sleep was disturbed by the very frequent rubmling, sometimes very 
loud rumbling, of trucks going by. It took me a long time to fall asleep. 
When we camped at Sand Spring on a subsequent night  we had a few 
whipperwills that did not bother me, but the sound of a bellows inflating 
what seemed like an infinite number of airmats for the boy scouts that 
were not too far away did. 

Guess this is a vote for nature sounds. I will admit to at least one BIG 
exception. I do not like hearing little squeaks and skitterings behind 
walls. I was in a hostel once and it had its share of rodents in the 
walls. That was not fun. Very irritating and besides I kept thinking of 
big big rats with red rabid eyes chomping through the wall (right by my 
head) and then munching on me. That wasn't fun.

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