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Re: Re[5]: [at-l] Cooking in a Stephenson Tent?

On 8/13/99 10:04 AM Thomas McGinnis tmcginnis@ucclan.state.in.us wrote:

>     (Sounds to me like you're just a gear weanie dying to do a live 
>     demo(!))

With some things I am a gear weeny. I don't get things very often, like 
some peole around here seem to, but when I do get stuff I get (a). lots 
of it, (b). high-end expensive quality stuff, and/or (c). if lucky 
inexpensive yet quality stuff. So, with computer equipment I purchase 
pretty good stuff and then stick with it longer than most people (as a 
programmer I really don't need the fastest most powerful thing in town); 
I don't expect I'll do anymore to the stereo systems here unless I happen 
to see a great sale on Linn, CAL, Classe, or Bryston gear (oh I might 
need new headphones - nuts); and, camping stuff I tend to hold on to for 
perhaps too long (e.g., I can't tell you what sort of Marmot sleeping bag 
I have except it is too heavy but does keep me warm through the fall).

Still, comapred to people like John O and some other on this and the 
Backpacking Light list I'm most definitely a gear wimp. If I were really 
a gear head I'd have a new lightweight pack to go along with the REI 
Valhalla I have, a smaller titanium pot, a Nomad to go along with the 
Stephenson (I think I'd be lousy at pitching a tarp), one of those 
exceedingly expensive Primus titanium stoves, and some other stuff no 

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