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Re: [at-l] Beginner's 3-Day Hike - Day 3

>      The *really cool* 
>      thing about reading *your* trip reports is that I get the sense of 
>      wonder at seeing deer in the (truly) wild, the joy of sleeping till 
>      I'm no longer tired, the satisfaction at establishing an efficient 
>      routine in a new environment. 

Thanks Sloetoe'79 ... 
I was trying to figure out why I tho't the post were so delightful,
and I think you hit the nail on its hayed 

>      These are things that *I* forget about 
>      -- too many miles hiked? or too many days "away" from the woods?

Either way, it's one reason why I enjoy going with any newbie, esp. kids,
but of whatever age ... 
They see so many things I forget to see ...
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