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Re: [at-l] Cooking in a Stephenson Tent?

> "No problem cooking in the tent, as long as you prime stove ONLY with
> fuel or paste starter, NEVER with ANY liquid fuel, or start stove
> NEVER put a heat or wind screen around the fuel tank on stove with built
> tank.  Heat from cooking usually dries tent out, but open pots of hot
> or food after stove is off can cause lots of condensation in a tent."
> Has anyone out there used a stove inside a Stephenson and what was the
> results?

I can't imagine lighting anything in any tent.

Was it earlier this year or late last year, on two separate week-ends, here
in Georgia, we read reports of adults and kids dying of carbon monoxide
poisoning from a stove lit to "heat" the tent!

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