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[at-l] Table of calories/weight

I have saved the e-mail from the "other" mailing list which gives a table of
calories and weight for a number of commonly used trail foods.  I feel some
obligation to request permission from the original author to copy it and
place it on this mailing list and am in the process of doing that now.

Also, if anyone on this list is interested, I have a personal website with
my trail journal and pictures from my hikes of both 1998 and 1999.  I hiked
the section of the AT from Springer to Hot Springs, NC in 1998 during the
month of May, and then from Hot Springs to Damascus during May of this year.
I have four pictures included which are large enough to use for computer
wallpaper.  You are welcome to use them if you find them suitable for your
own tastes.

My website address is:   http://www.oc.edu/staff/phil.heffington

I'll get back to this list again about the weight/calorie table.   --- Phil
Heffington  "Scodwod"
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