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[at-l] Delita and water bags


Great posts. I felt like I was there with you :-) Keep at it and you'll get
more efficient as you go. I remember the first time I stayed at a shelter in
NC with southbound thru-hikers. I was amazed by the efficiency of these
guys. They setup camp, cooked, ate, and were in their sleeping bags before I
was done fumbling with my stove. They were hiking machines! But you get
better and faster with experience. Hang in there.

As far as water bags go you can't beat a Platypus bag. They come in all
sizes, are virtually indestructible, and roll up to a very small size and
are extremely lightweight when empty. Get a large one and use a hole punch
to punch 4 holes in the base. Then thread nylon cord through the holes to
make a carrying handle. As far as filling them this is what I do. I bought
the drinking tube top and put it on it. To fill the bottle I simply take the
mouthpiece off the drinking tube and connect the tube directly to my water
filter and pump it full. Works great.

Jim McBride

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