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[at-l] Hiking Poles/Sticks

Gee whiz, I know we've been through this, but now it's my time to ask
questions. ;-)

For the first time ever, the Knee Gods decided to wreak havoc upon me  -- I
seriously considered scooting on my arse for the last mile but decided
instead just to cuss every step -- so I guess it's time to consider hiking
sticks and poles.  I welcome any advice/opinion any of you care to serve up.

My basic questions are:

** are two poles *really* better than one?

** is a regular, ole, wooden stick not as good as a hi-tech hiking pole?

** is there anything to think about concerning the difference in handles?
Wrist straps?  Other features?

Seems that I recall someone on the list swearing by a bamboo hiking stick.

Thanks, everyone (she said as she hobbled away from the PC).


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