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[at-l] Finished Unpacking/Doc visit

    Well, I just finished unpacking the remaining mail drops and all the stuff I sent home. I don't need to worry about the Y2K problem,,,if everything shuts down I have enough food for 6 months,,enough fuel for an entire year,,,maybe more,,,enough lighters,,,enough toothpaste and soap,,,enough water treatment (have a spring and pond).  I really over did it on the food and fuel when planning!
    I am also going to the doctor in about an hour! I am scared to death of doctors,,,but the advise I have been getting is to get to a doctor,,,so,,,I'll bite the bullet and go. I hope he doesn't pull my toe nail off or at least gives me lots of drugs if he has to. It sure didn't help to read Sloetoe79's story about the toe experience! Well,,,wish me luck. KC