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[at-l] Thanks

My thanks to the many public and private well wishes on yesterday's foot 
surgery.  I'm doing great, thanks to POG's expert nursing care.

To those of you with bone spurs fearing surgery, I can say that, for me at 
least, this is not a big deal.  On my personal pain meter that has been 
calibrated by wisdom teeth removal, kidney stones and a broken neck, this 
barely rates a 1 on a 10 point scale.

And the pain medication they prescribed turns my sofa into a magic carpet 
that takes me on some neat voyages.  :)  Of course, this from someone who's 
never done alcohol or drugs.

Anyway, I'm doing great, looking forward to my move to Atlanta next month, 
and some time off for some AT hiking.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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