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Re: [at-l] Scouting and Growing Spirit in a Young Boy--Need a White Blaze

In a message dated 8/2/99 1:50:59 PM, HikingHope@aol.com writes:

>I just wonder if those of you who have had Scouting experiences find 
>them of that great value in your life today.

Sometimes it's possible to have a great impact from scouting even when you're 
not the scout. My brother was, and he got the whole family to go camping. 
Being a teenage girl and having been taught by other girls that I was 
"supposed" to be afraid of bugs, dirt, snakes, exertion, outdoors, etc., I 
thought this would be a horrible vacation.

But good sense <vbg> won out and I loved it. My family camped from then on, 
and we kids dayhiked for miles and miles every day. I watched with envy as my 
brother became a member of Order of the Arrow and an Eagle Scout. My Girl 
Scout troop didn't do anything fun. :-(

Every once in a while I thank my brother for starting it all. It certainly 
changed my life forever.
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