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Re[2]: [at-l] The new "Sloetoe" ????/My toe still hurts

     I don't know, KC. Looks to me like you're WELL qualified for 
     Sloetoeness yourself. I suspect that you, me, and Solar Bear are due 
     for a winner-take-all wrestling match.

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Subject: Re: [at-l] The new "Sloetoe" ????/My toe still hurts
Author:  "KC" <felton@bluenet.net> at ima
Date:    8/4/99 11:37 PM

>     I shiver at the thought of anyone approaching MY tootsies with a
>     scalpel again -- the first experience left deep, deep scars, though 
>     none show. Toes can produce exquisite pain, folks. Just exquisite.
Great, just Great. I was considering going to the doctor because my toe is 
STILL hurting,,,especially today. Then nail seems to be pulling away from 
the nail bed. Can't decide what I should do about it. It is black and blue 
and I can't even think of hiking. I was thinking maybe the doc could pull it 
off,,,but then again??? Anyone with experience with this sort of thing. I 
think what happened is that I got a blister under my toe nail. I took a hot 
needle (after a few beers) and put a hole in the nail bed. A clear fluid, 
like that from a blister, came rushing out. The swelling went down but it 
turned black and blue and was and is painful to walk on. I cut a hole in my 
boots so that I could at least walk! That happened June 25th and I am still 
in pain. Any suggestions? BTW, I do NOT like to go to the doctor and will do 
just about anything to avoid them. KC
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