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RE: [at-l] saddleback

Is the Saddleback a big issue? To some yes to others no. There are some with
a religious fervor that seem to want to continually cram the issue down our
throats at every conceivable opportunity. 

My breaking point was reached this morning on the other list when we were
informed that anyone who had NOT written a letter through trailplace was
some how "Dead Wood" that needed to be pruned from the AT purity tree.

Now I realize this is not that list, I quit the other list because I was
tired of being preached to about my ungodly ways.  I don't particularly want
to see that attitude surface here.

Below are some additional (non trailplace) sites that will give you
additional information on the topic and what you can do - if you're so

From now on lets please leave the preaching to Sundays at church.
National Park Service.
Environmental Assessment for the Protection of the Appalachian National
Scenic Trail Across Saddleback Mountain Franklin County, Maine -
ATC Conference Page - http://www.atconf.org/Saddleback/action.html

Maine ATC Club Page - http://www.matc.org/saddleback.htm

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
Fallingwater Journals - www.fallingwater.com
Pacific Crest Trail Assoc. - www.pcta.org
American Long Distance Hikers Association - West -

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