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Re: [at-l] The new "Sloetoe" ????/My toe still hurts

The nail will come off (by your description) and will grow back over the 
next few months. I would not expect a great deal of additional pain. Of 
course, you may have an infection of the nail bed or root causing 
additional pain, and will need appropriate treatment, _if_ you want to get 
better quickly.

I doubt you had a blister under the nail, but more likely a bleed under the 
nail. The appropriate repair is to take a red hot needle/safety pin/paper 
clip and burn through the nail to release the fluid collection and relieve 
the pressure. It sounds scary only the first time you do it. I suspect you 
waited a bit long, and the repetitive injury to the nail bed and root did 
the rest of the deed.

This is simple. Go to your local family doc or whatever, and get it taken 
care of.

Atlanta, GA

At 11:37 PM 8/4/1999 -0700, KC wrote:
>. Then nail seems to be pulling away from
>the nail bed. Can't decide what I should do about it. It is black and blue
>and I can't even think of hiking. I was thinking maybe the doc could pull it
>off,,,but then again??? Anyone with experience with this sort of thing. I
>think what happened is that I got a blister under my toe nail. I took a hot
>needle (after a few beers) and put a hole in the nail bed. A clear fluid,
>like that from a blister, came rushing out. The swelling went down but it
>turned black and blue and was and is painful to walk on. I cut a hole in my
>boots so that I could at least walk! That happened June 25th and I am still
>in pain. Any suggestions? BTW, I do NOT like to go to the doctor and will do
>just about anything to avoid them.

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