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Re: [at-l] The new "Sloetoe" ????/My toe still hurts

> >     I shiver at the thought of anyone approaching MY tootsies with a
>  >     scalpel again -- the first experience left deep, deep scars, though
>  >     none show. Toes can produce exquisite pain, folks. Just exquisite.

Hmmm, in my nursing experience I learned that this is probably not the thing 
to tell someone about the morning they are going in for foot surgery! 

Actually, the surgery went smoothly, the whole thing took less than two hours 
from start to finish. At present, his foot is totally pain free (OK, the 
lidocaine is still at work) and he is just a tad bit goofy. Well, he's always 
a tad bit goofy so goofier than normal would be a better way of putting it. 
The Dr said no hiking for six weeks, but by the end of September he should be 
ready to get back out on the trails.

I'll let him know you were thinking of him when he wakes up.


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