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Re: [at-l] bandana

In a message dated 8/2/99 2:38:15 PM EDT, hudsom@us.ibm.com writes:

<< as passed a newspaper clipping over the weekend about a bandana that uses a
 phase-changing core to keep you cool, supposedly it will work all day after 
a 30
 minute charge in cold water. It's called the Miracool Bandana ($4.99) and the
 company has a web page at www.occunomix.com.
 Gotta point out, I haven't tried it, I'm not assosiated with the company,
 etc.... just thought that with all the heat we've had there might be some >>

I have used a Miracool Bandana off and on for a few years now. All you do is 
put it in water and then wear it around your head or neck.  It is not a 
bandana. it is a headband. About an inch to half inch wide, and about 18" to 
24" long.

"MiraCool Cooling Crystals encased within the 100% cotton fabric absorb and 
hold up to 1000 times their weight in cool refreshing water. MiraCool 
Crystals work in 
combination with the evaporation process.When worn against head, neck or 
body, cooling sensations are passed to pulse points and carried throughout 
the body. "

They say it take about 30 minutes to absorb water before use. I have found 
that a new one will take a couple of hours to absorb water before it is ready 
to use for the first time. After that it will need to be put back in water 
for about 30 minutes to cool it down. 

1. The Miracool Bandana in NOT phase changing. 

2. The company does have a Phase Change Cooling System (PCCS). This is a Vest 
that is Charged In Ice Water Or Fridge.
 <A HREF="http://www.occunomix.com/PCCS.html">Phase Change Cooling System</A> 

As Cooling Pack clear formula is chilled, it phase changes to a white 
semi-solid. It never turns completely solid and it never gets as cold as ice. 
As formula absorbs heat from torso, where about 90% of body's heat is 
produced, it phase changes back to its original liquid state. Duration may 
vary with environment and wearer conditions.

3. They do have other products using the MiraCool Cooling Crystals. Hats, 
vest, ect.
 <A HREF="http://www.occunomix.com/miracool.htm">Miracool Product Page</A>  

I did not use any of these products on my thru-hikes.

GA to ME '89
GA to ME to GA 92/3 
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