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Re: [at-l] A Section Hike Plan

At 05:52 PM 8/1/99 +0000, you wrote:
>If one were to do the AT in three chuncks (2 months each), what should
>they be? What months of the year for each? Are there any special
>considerations I should take into account? I consider myself to be an
>8-12 mile a day person.
>Feel free to offer advice, philosophy, etc.
>Turtle GA>ME 00

From your signature line it appears that you haven't given up on the idea
of a "thru". :)
In thinking about (dare I call it planning?) my own hike (2005?) I
calculated that I could cover the whole thing in 6 months if I averaged 12
'trail' miles per day. Side trips to towns for resupply are *not* included
in that figure. If I want to take one day per week off (and still finish in
6 months) I need to average 13 'trail' miles per day. I've never seen
anyone estimate how many miles are added by side trips on average but at
8-12 miles per day I'd say you might need 4 or more chunks of 2 months to

I've considered section hiking and going Southbound. For any section hike
I'd try to avoid being in the South in mid-summer. I don't know what your
native climate is but I'm a Northern boy and I melt when it gets hot. No
way would I be able to average 13 miles per day in 90 degree temperatures.
I would also recommend avoiding the Northeast section in May-June
(especially Maine) unless you enjoy being the main (no pun intended) course
for black flies.

Other than that I suggest you enjoy yourself. Otherwise, why do it?

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