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Re: [at-l] RE: Booted off ATML

Ryan K. Brooks wrote:
> Ditto. I've offered many times, I pushed pretty hard on the xposting issue and he basically concluded by saying that the cross posting problem really wasn't a technical one.

Ryan - 
You're right, it's never been a  technical problem - it's a control
issue.  IMO - WF's preference would be for those on atml to never know
there is another list.  And he's set up his system such that it's biased
toward that preference - so he controls what goes in and out.  Makes a
lot of work for himself in the process too.  ;-/

Bill Thornloe is right - WF "NEEDS" another thruhike - the one he keeps
postponing. He may have lost touch with what thruhiking is and what it's

Yes, Dan - some of us know you're listening on at-l.  Wake up, man.  You
don't need to hike in 2000 - you NEED to be on the trail in March or
April - 1999. If you're not out there, it'll start to become a
credibility issue as well.  

Walk softly,
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