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Re: [at-l] RE: Booted off ATML

It is too bad ATML has evolved more into a forum for just Q&A on hiking.

The camraderie on this list is similar to what is seen on the trail. When
I first started reading AT-L/ATML it was this strong sense of community
that was a strong factor in a decision to want to do a thru-hike
(Wow..look at all these other people who think there is nothing wrong
with hiking for 6 mos!).  

  Seems ATML is lacking that sense of camraderie now, it is still a
useful resource, but I like having  discussions around the electronic
campfire. It is something that is neccessary.  ATML is more like a
college lecture now...ask questions, get them answered.
But somehow seeing the rendition of "Must Buy Sally" seems just as
important... :-)

  This list seems more like 'homebase' now, a place to relax and kick up
the feet. Do not think I would be discussing the perfect Black and Tan on
ATML serves a purpose, but it is definitely changed from a year ago.

have a happy new year all,

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