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Re: [at-l] beer

> Anyone know of other brew pubs around the trail? 

There is Theo's -- home of the Sugarloaf Brewing Company -- about
two miles south of the Route 27 crossing near Stratton, Maine. The
Fulminatrix used to occasionally brew the beer there.


Fine ale, albeit pricey. Hit them during happy hour. As an added
bonus, the brewpub itself has a relatively low foo-foo to local ratio,
considering that it's located at the edge of a major ski/golf resort
complex. A good, low-key establishment.

If you're lucky enough to hitch a ride with some Frenchies racing
to Old Orchard Beach, you could probably get to the Moose's Tail
brewpub from the Route 26 Grafton Notch crossing in about fifteen
minutes. Their beers are also recommended, but the patrons -- an odd
mix of unpretentious deadhead slackers and very fashion-conscious
ski yuppie poseurs -- can be downright annoying at times. We always
stop there in the summer after hiking in the Whites, but shy away
during ski season.


mfuller@somtel.com; Northern Franklin County, Maine
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