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Re: [at-l] Booted off ATML

At 1:15 PM -0800 12/30/98, Lucian Hicks wrote:
>     Here's the boilerplate I received:   <<Lucian,
>You have been removed from the  Trailplace lists for not
>following the rules and guidelines as set forth in  the
>"Legal Matters" section of Trailplace and published as
>part  of the list greeting when you subscribed.
>WF,  Admin>>

Gee, one doesn't even have the courtesy of a warning or a personal note.
At least
it could have gone ultralight and just said.. Rule 10298b.12 was violated !

Just kick a little trail dust in your face. Cough.. now that's what you
get for coming to the aide of a fellow hiker asking for tolerance. You must
have bristled the moderator.. and they already had an itch.

Maybe everyone on atml should have used the red bottle.

Looks like a real pissing contest :(

Too bad some many "friends of the trail" took those little electrons and made
Springer into Katahdin afterall they did not have a million volts.

Whatever happened to just leave the computer terminal and go for a short hike
and just ignor "spats".. perhaps some people on atml will reconsider and
forget rule 10298b.12 and implement the Felix rule.. hey just monkeying
around :0

Sorry for taking you name Felix but soon you'll be back :)  we need ya !!

now lite the campfires, so much for holiday spirit..

Perhaps the Grinch came upon everyone.. what's the matter? was the new
underware too ichy...

OK, blow all flames to hotgas@congress.gov.. they need some more ...

--bear bells

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